What We Do

We make data collection a breeze!

We make data collection a breeze!

Use BirdNest on any Android phone or tablet or on an iPhone or iPad

  • Record numbers, make picklist selections, write notes and include photos
  • Validation on device ensures your users enter accurate data
  • Recent history shows how things have been running
Reports Built Instantly

Reports Built Instantly

Make any report in minutes specific to your needs

  • Save hours, or even days depending on how many reports you use
  • Set reports to auto generate and be delivered to your inbox on your schedule
  • Easily share data
Certifiably True

Certifiably True

All data is tracked and stored securely

  • No transcription errors or degradation of data since all data is validated from point of entry
  • Timestamps with data entry help you track who, went where, and how long trips take for better planning and accountability
  • Compliance reports take no time at all and you can trust it’s accuracy

Be proactive instead of reactive, saving time & money

Trigger Points are data points you set as being outside your normal range of operation

Alerts happen when an operator in the field logs data outside normal ranges. They have to double check their entry and edit or confirm as entered

Notifications are sent by text or email to the office so problems can be identified before they become serious

No hardware to buy or software to install!