Why BirdNest

Read what our loyal customers say about BirdNest!

"Reports used to take between 8 and 12 hours of clerical work. The first time we used the new system that time dropped to about 2 hours. Now, they are done in minutes." ~ Lonnie Cox, Area Assistant Manager, Severn Trent

"All these new methods of utilizing automated reports and digital technology throughout have allowed us to achieve the true bottom line advantage—even further improvements in service to our customers." ~ Lonnie Wright, President, Municipal Operations & Consulting

"Today, we would need one or two more people in the office just entering data and doing reports if we didn’t have all the data at our fingertips in BirdNest. I can do 20-reports now in the time it used to take me to do one manually" ~ Eric Thiry, Vice President, Environmental Development Partners

"I used BirdNest on a regular cell phone and now I am using BirdNest on an Android smart phone and it is completely different. A lot easier to use." ~ Mitch Crawford, Operator, Municipal Operations & Consulting

"We used BirdNest as long as I’ve been here and I like it. When it is windy or raining you are not fighting with a paper log sheet." ~ Ben Connelley, AA Operator for 35 years, Environmental Development Partners

Hear what our loyal customers say about BirdNest!