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We make data collection a breeze!

Use BirdNest on any Android phone or tablet or on an iPhone or iPad

  • Record numbers, make picklist selections, write notes and include photos
  • Validation on device ensures your users submit accurate data
  • Recent history shows how things have been running
  • GPS Tracking for collection verification and route management

Reports Built Instantly

Use instant System Reports or build your own Custom reports

  • Make any report in minutes specific to your needs
  • Save hours, or even days depending on how many reports you use
  • Set reports to auto generate and be delivered to your inbox on your schedule
  • Easily share data

Certifiably True

All data is tracked and stored securely

  • No transcription errors or degradation of data since all data is validated from point of entry
  • Timestamps with data entry help you track who, went where, and how long trips take for better planning and accountability
  • Compliance reports take no time at all and you can trust their accuracy

Lonnie Cox

Area Assistant Manager

"Reports used to take between 8 and 12 hours of clerical work. The first time we used the new system that time dropped to about 2 hours. Now, they are done in minutes."

Lonnie Wright


"All these new methods of utilizing automated reports and digital technology throughout have allowed us to achieve the true bottom line advantage—even further improvements in service to our customers."

Eric Thiry

Vice President

"Today, we would need one or two more people in the office just entering data and doing reports if we didn’t have all the data at our fingertips in BirdNest. I can do 20-reports now in the time it used to take me to do one manually"

Mitch Crawford


"I used BirdNest on a regular cell phone and now I am using BirdNest on an Android smart phone and it is completely different. A lot easier to use."

Keith Frazier - Founder

Keith Frazier - Founder, President and CEO

BirdNest digitizes log sheets for the water and waste water Industry. By replacing hand written field logs with cellphone-based data collection devices integrated with a hosted data management and automated reporting system, we create data efficiency. The company eliminates the days and weeks of delays in data access by enabling a mobile workforce to deliver information instantly from the source point.

BirdNest helps water operators decrease operational costs, improve data accuracy, respond to incidents more quickly, and minimize the risks of non-compliance. BirdNest is sold as a service (SaaS) so there is no software to purchase or install and no equipment to buy. We provide the tools and best practices for field data collection and reporting to the Water & Wastewater Industry. BirdNest increases productivity.

Before founding BirdNest, Keith Frazier co-founded BirdNest Software to provide web based environmental compliance services. Prior to joining BirdNest, Keith Frazier founded Asset Mining and brought product development expertise to Online Commerce Corporation to launch Asset Optimizer, a Web-based asset management system for the oil and steel scrap industries. As co-founder and president of OMC Controls, Keith Frazier led the development of the CONTROL DRILL integrated instrumentation system, an innovation used to simplify and improve the driller's workstation. Keith Frazier started his career in oil & gas services in both the domestic and foreign markets, and reinforced his skills in planning and project management serving in senior positions in Texas and assignments in Southeast Asia and the Middle East for Reading & Bates Drilling Co.

Specialties: Keith Frazier brings experience in product development and sales from a career in internet based services, electronic manufacturing, and project management in both the domestic and international markets.